What We Do

We invest in opportunities that are outside our areas of interest only if they fit within our broader investment thesis. We have strong domain knowledge and access to experts with decades of expertise in a number of areas and while we may not actively seek out investments outside our areas of interest, we will still consider investments in businesses with excellent founders and strong tailwind drivers.

Seed Stage

We invest in seed stage start-ups with strong transactional business models, and are committed to leveraging our expertise, experience and network of relationships. We strongly believe a lean approach leads to greater innovation as well as an enhanced focus on team building, operational improvement, perspective and strategic guidance, skill building, customer development and analytics.

Parallel Entrepreneurship

We have created a venture ecosystem where highly talented entrepreneurs can come together and share their knowledge and experiences. This provides a flexible platform for innovation and a strong focus on operations and execution. With our in-house resources, entrepreneurs are able to successfully scale their businesses while focusing on their strategy and product.

Creation & Incubation

We believe ideas are a commodity and that the skill lies in execution. We are company builders who seize opportunities and are not afraid to start our own businesses if we possess sufficient domain knowledge or can partner with an entrepreneur that does. We are all about rapid experimentation which allows us to test the limits of our ideas and thus enabling us to reach the next level.